The Continuity / 360 Brand Development Process

Continuity / 360 means we lead clients through a logical approach that involves collecting background information, understanding culture and goals, creating the right solutions, and implementing / evaluating campaigns.

Marketing initiates the dialog with the prospective customer that ultimately leads to the sale. It's unfortunately very true that many companies have superior products or services, but they call on the wrong people with the wrong messages. Or, they just sit back and wait for the business to come to them. Then they wonder why sales are flat. Marketing supports the sales function by identifying the right target audience, properly positioning your products or services with that audience, and then arming your sales people with compelling benefits and communications strategies that cause people to want to buy your offering.

Our clients have a wide variety of marketing needs, from increasing awareness of their brand to product launches, to enhanced market penetration. Before we start on any marketing program, we ask what will constitute success for you. Together, we identify the specific marketing outcomes you’d like to achieve, and then create a plan to ensure that the results match your intended goals. We don’t consider any marketing program a success until you do.

Execution is really the critical part of a successful marketing strategy. It’s all about translating a handful of simple strategies into actionable programs. We deliver the tangible tools required to assure that every one of your people and all of your business messages constantly reinforce your core brand strategies. The old adage says it best: “It’s not what they know that matters, it’s what they perceive.”